WordPress on Android

September 4, 2010


I just downloaded the WordPress app for my T-mobile vibrant (galaxy) and am now writing this post with it.

So far, so good. Now my friend Nils should be much happier with me.

I’ll be experimenting with the app to see what the results are, including incorporating images and media from my phone. If it all works as advertised it could be a big deal for me in the future determining whether I use wordpress or typepad for blogs. There is no doubt that a handheld blogging platform would have some real advantages.

The app has a button to add media and when I pushed it, it allowed me to take a photo or record a video, which was pretty cool, so I took a picture of our cat. Now we’ll see where it places it in the blog post.


One comment

  1. Ok, it looks like it placed the photo at the top of the post, which is acceptable for small posts. Not bad.

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