Robert Cray still tasty, Koko Taylor still wailing

May 11, 2008

Gretchen and I saw Robert Cray last night at the Fountain Blues Festival in SJ. It’s been awhile (21 years) since I last saw him and he sounded great again after all these years. Cray takes the blues into some pretty interesting places, layering soulful guitar explorations over stuff that you might not associate with the blues – including one that was like a crossing of the blues with tango. Yeah, it was hot. The guy has taste, playing across a huge range of expression.

Also saw Koko Taylor, she can still belt it out. Great to see here again because I thought that might never happen. I’m telling you, the current version of the Blues Machine is groovin’ and beltin’ in out just like it was 30 years ago.



  1. […] Farley piles on the pain by telling me what I missed because I had to bail out of San Jose a day too […]

  2. hey another storage guy interested in blues … I start seeing patterns here !!! Robert Cray is great, although a little bound to a white blues, Queen Koko….I’m speechless, in order to listen to such good blues we need to play it here !!! Keep The Faith . Moe

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