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CFLs suck – we’ve been duped.

May 16, 2008

This isn’t necessarily new news, but it was new to me. Carbon fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) have dangerous levels of mercury, need to be recycled (not thrown away) to be environmentally safe and don’t last nearly as long as they say they so unless you leave them on for extended periods of time.

The wikipedia entry is probably pretty decent, but I wonder what the truth is about how long the bulbs need to be on to ensure long life.

This post at the environmental defense fund’s site is a very interesting read. Make sure to read this comment by lees on March 13, 2008. I don’t know if Dr. Jim Balbus, the author of the blog post was trying to spin this up or not, but I have to say, my bullshit sensors went off just from the way he presented his arguments. The line about throwing them away in a ziplock bag really got to me – talk about a crock of shit.

So, I think we’ve been duped about the great benefits of CFLs. The idea that consumers will somehow become educated on the “proper applications” and disposal of light bulbs is seriously irresponsible.

Its not as bad as WMD, but its bad. Do you know where you can recycle these things? When is the last time you recycled one? How about your workplace? Are you using them there and do you think they are being recycled correctly? I bet most of them are being tossed in the garbage, just like most fluorescent bulbs were for decades.


An old idea I never bought, but still like

May 16, 2008

I took this video almost a year ago, but never had a reason for posting it to one of my corporate blogs. The thing that’s goofy is that I really like the idea of a travel router. You see, one laptop doesn’t really cut it when you’re trying to produce audio and video and have 4 email accounts and 5 blogs and so on and so forth. So the well-wired geek should have 2 or 3 laptops and a travel router – right? Yeah its hard to explain, but there are some readers here that understand the disease. Anyway, I never bought one, but it might be the perfect thing for father’s day – that or the emergency cell phone caller that calls yur cell when yur trying to get somebody to stop yapping at you.


Charles Bronson and Elizabeth Montgomery Fight

May 13, 2008

There’s an old Twilight Zone I saw the other night where Bronson and Montgomery play Omega people who survived, but on opposite sides of some cataclysmic war. She has dark hair and it took me way too long to figure out who it was and they both had stupid uniforms on. Bronson always looked like he was 48, even when he was a young guy. Any way, they try to kill each other, but not really. The makings of a perfect marriage, no?

Rod Serling was such a genius, if only he had directed Bewitched.


Robert Cray still tasty, Koko Taylor still wailing

May 11, 2008

Gretchen and I saw Robert Cray last night at the Fountain Blues Festival in SJ. It’s been awhile (21 years) since I last saw him and he sounded great again after all these years. Cray takes the blues into some pretty interesting places, layering soulful guitar explorations over stuff that you might not associate with the blues – including one that was like a crossing of the blues with tango. Yeah, it was hot. The guy has taste, playing across a huge range of expression.

Also saw Koko Taylor, she can still belt it out. Great to see here again because I thought that might never happen. I’m telling you, the current version of the Blues Machine is groovin’ and beltin’ in out just like it was 30 years ago.


what’s the point of blogspam?

May 10, 2008

I don’t get it. People think we’re going to post their phishing fetish nonsense? Nonetheless they keep throwing it up hoping I’ll fat finger it and hit the publish button instead of delete.